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Get started on your path to sobriety today!

Why Choose Dr. Meenu Vaid ?

  • Unique Background: Dr. Vaid's diverse medical training and cultural experiences enrich her approach to patient care.

  • Personalized Care: Dr. Vaid is dedicated to building long-term relationships with her patients, where active participation in healthcare decisions is encouraged.

  • Commitment to Tradition: In an age of increasing demands on healthcare, Dr. Vaid and her team are committed to maintaining the tradition of high-quality care.

Dr Meenu Vaid

Practice Areas

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Addiction Medicine Services:

Dr. Vaid is well-versed in diagnosing and treating substance use disorders. Her expertise extends to a variety of substances, including opioids, alcohol, stimulants, caffeine, and nicotine. Her approach to addiction medicine is rooted in compassion, evidence-based treatments, and a patient-centered focus. Whether you're seeking help for yourself or a loved one struggling with substance use, Dr. Vaid and her team are dedicated to providing the support and treatment needed for recovery and lasting wellness.


Prevention for Travelers: Providing essential guidance and vaccinations for those embarking on international journeys, ensuring their health and well-being while abroad. Emerging Disease Management: Staying at the forefront of medical knowledge to diagnose and treat emerging diseases effectively, thereby protecting the community from potential threats. Infection Control: Offering infection control strategies, including comprehensive evaluations and treatment plans for individuals and organizations to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Treatment for Drug-Resistant Infections: Utilizing advanced approaches and therapies to address infections that may have developed resistance to standard treatments, ensuring the highest level of care.


Wellness coaching Services

Your Path to Wellness: Together, We Achieve More At Dr. Meenu Vaid's private practice, our dedicated team is here to support you in building a healthier you. We understand that every patient has unique health needs and personal wellness goals. That's why we are committed to working with you, every step of the way, to keep you on the path to meeting those goals. Collaborative Care We believe in the power of collaboration. Your health journey is not a solo endeavor – it's a partnership between you and our caring and experienced healthcare professionals. We'll work together, as a team, to identify your individual health needs and aspirations. Customized Wellness Coaching For those seeking a holistic approach to health and wellness, our wellness coaching packages are designed to empower you. Whether you're aiming to improve your physical health, enhance your mental and emotional well-being, or seeking balance and fulfillment in your life, we're here to help. Reach Your Goals Our goal is to help you reach your goals. Whether it's managing a chronic medical condition, improving your fitness, achieving a healthier lifestyle, or any other health-related aspiration, we're dedicated to guiding you along your path to success.


Telehealth  Services

Sometimes there are obstacles to coming into a medical office, but help is still available. Dr Vaid  can meet you over a HIPAA compliant connection. Same day appointments available!


Pain Reprocessing Therapy

At Savera, we offer Pain Reprocessing Therapy, a revolutionary approach that helps alleviate chronic pain by retraining your brain to interpret pain signals differently, providing long-lasting relief and enhanced quality of life.

Practice Areas


Holding Hands

Direct Specialty Care

DSC model of care enables the patient and doctor relationship to develop. It has the goal of eliminating the middle man, so there is just the patient and physician. It eliminates the billing company, extensive charting burden, accrediting/contracting with insurance companies and the need for referrals. This allows for patient centered care.

Doctor with Computer

Why are we out of Network ?

This allows us to focus on you and only you. We can spend more time to focus on your needs and really get to know you so we can start the healing. You get exceptional care at an affordable price.

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